New Collector has a restricted Map Extant (Why??)

07-10-2019 02:56 PM
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This is a weird question, so sorry if its not well constructed.

I've got a map all set up in collector for data collection. It has a local aerial, local bathymetry, and empty points and polygons with drop downs just itching to be populated by two of our ecologists. 

While testing it, we came across a strange issue. In Collector Classic, the map would load at our target location, and we can insert data. If we clicked on our location, it would take us to our office. Normal stuff.

However, in the New Collector, the map would still load at our target location and we can still insert data, but if we click on our location, we end up somewhere completely random (not our office). After a little bit of snooping, I realized that we were being put exactly North of our office and exactly East of our project site.  When we tried scrolling we could go anywhere East-West, but hit "barriers" going Northwards  / Southwards. What is going on here? It might not be a huge issue for now, but in the future, I think we're going to want to know what's going on. At one point when hitting the location button, we got a warning "Area not in Map Extent" or something like that. Did I somehow restrict the Map Extant in the New Collector? But not in Collector Classic? Baffling. 

Please help!

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