Need basic info about requirements for using Collector

03-28-2014 04:27 AM
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I work for a company that uses Arcmap 9.3 in conjunction with other software to track assets in remote locations. We need an app for mobile devices similar to Collector that doesn't require ArcGIS online or "portal", whatever that is. Am I correct that Collector isn't an option for a company like mine?
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Spot on - for Collector you need a ArcGIS Online (AGOL) account and/or a ArcGIS Server yourself.

You may want to check the 9.3 desupport status, as I don't think it is in support for much longer.
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You may want to look at ArcGIS for Windows Mobile; works with rugged tablet or other disconnected device and I don't think it requires ArcGIS server or AGOL.  I haven't used much but it might work for your organization.
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