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06-18-2013 09:47 PM
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Two of the most common options in most other Collector apps out there is

  • to allow multi-choice (ie. select two or more options from a drop down - we might have hazards around a damaged building and there's usually more than one e.g. collapse, fire, gas)

  • the other is a free text field for an Other option.

This is how most paper forms work - so to convert our paper forms to Collector means some non-intuitive choices.

ie. More than one hazard field and having a Other (see comments) is working for us but after having a look at Terraflex our users would love those features.

Really doesn't fit within ArcGIS data structure though does it.
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A one to many relationship (features to table) would work nicely for what you've described. But it is not possible to edit a table and there is no logic for editing related feature classes or tables.

There are workarounds for editing tables but they do not sound workable. Still the lack of support for relationships remains.

ArcPad handles relationships. But not for data hosted on ArcGIS Server...only locally stored data. ArcPad 10.2 supports editing ArcGIS Server feature services (tested this in Beta). Not sure if 10.2 handles relationships managed by ArcGIS Server. ArcPad 10.2 has not been released.

Pretty sure all this stated about Collector also applies to ArcGIS for iOS.

Corrections are welcome.
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