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Mass Updating Related Tables???

11-17-2016 05:35 AM
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I'm trying to use the Collector app and Arcgis Online to create a Pole Inspection Workflow.  I've set up my collector inspection form with my feature class layer and my inspection related table to keep an inspection log for each pole.  My problem is that I want to have several fields for each inspection that a manager would use to assign inspections to crews and due dates.  Currently I have two fields a "Crew Assigned" and a "Work Due."  Both of these reside in the related table.  Is there a way a field manager could do a mass edit of a selection group to update these fields from arcgis online?  I've not found any way so far and to update one at a time is not practical.  I've seen mentioned "field calculate" but that seems to require scripting or at least knowing how to write functions which would alos not be practical for most non-gis users.  Any suggestions?



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