Map Failed To Download (Thread 2)

09-08-2016 02:46 PM
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So this Map Failed To Download thread is two years old with no valid answer in sight so I thought I would start a new one and see if others have the same issue and what is being done.  I am using versions 10.4.1 of Server and Portal (Federated Server).  ArcGIS Pro 1.3.1 and ArcMap 10.3.1.

I published services from ArcPro in different configurations:

  • A versioned dataset connected as the data owner
  • A versioned dataset connected as OS credentials
  • An archived dataset connected as the data owner (in a database with versioned datasets)
  • A separate database that only had a single archived dataset

One created I went into Server Manager and turned on Sync and Extract for the services

With those services I created WebMaps using a TiledMapService basemap pulled from AGOL

In all these cases downloading of the map offline failed and on ArcGIS Server the following error was shown in the log:

ArcGIS Server Manager

SEVEREError executing tool. CreateFeatureServiceReplica Job ID: j145bde8182624c34a50b709807e0ae51 : Failed to initialize mapserver object. Failed to execute (Create Feature Service Replica).System/SyncTools.GPServer

So I decided to try something that I could not imagine would have any affect on the problem.  Instead of publishing the services from ArcPro I published the services from ArcMap.  I did this:

  • Versioned Dataset using data owner credentials
  • Versioned Dataset using OS connection
  • Archive Dataset (data owner)

Use the exact same process to create the WebMaps and in every single case with the services from ArcMap the download worked.  In ArcMap one can define Sync and Extract during publication so it was not required to go into Server Manager

I realized that another difference was that when I published from ArcMap I was doing it as the built in administrator.  So I did this from ArcGIS Pro and the download still failed (same error).

At the end of all this all I can conclude is that something is wrong with ArcGIS Pro and these services are corrupt in some way.  Sort of a drag that the tool which is supposed to be designed around publishing services cannot be used for this purpose if the goal is to go offline in Collector.  I also find the idea that one cannot turn on Sync and Extract from within Pro pretty annoying.  Although, maybe the reason for this is that those functions do not work for the Pro services

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