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Mandatory fields

01-29-2015 04:03 AM
Occasional Contributor III

It would seem that if I define a field for a feature with null values not allowed and host the features in AGOL, Collector populates this (with a space when it's a text field, for example) so the collector can submit without typing anything.. so it sort of defeats the point of not allowing null values. Thoughts?

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Occasional Contributor III

I've passed this one on to Esri as I noticed some related weirdness across AGOL and Collector including..

Collector / AGOL - Drop-down fields that don’t allow null values can be left unselected

AGOL - Drop-down fields that should allow null values are marked as “this value is required”

AGOL - Auto-populating fields that don't allow null values so the user can submit without typing anything (like Collector), but also letting you remove the auto-added character and storing the feature with no value for the field