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Looking for ideas on designing a field data collection workflow

01-14-2019 04:45 AM
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We recently purchased new high-accuracy GPS units that integrate very well with Collector. I am trying to figure out what the best option would be for setting up the data collection layer(s). We have Server so most likely I would be hosting the layers internally and not in ArcGIS Online, although I haven't ruled that option out. We manage three different systems (water, sewer and storm) so that's a lot of assets that need to be collected. Most often we would be collecting points either for as-builts (so the more attributes we can collect in the filed the faster we can get the as-builts done); to update the XYZ of assets we already have in our system; or for planning a reconstruction project. 

The two options that I've come up with so far are:

    1. Create one feature class for all the points and use subtypes and domains to control the drop-down lists. If I set the subtype based on my system (water, sewer, storm) then I can better control the type of assets and attribute values that would be available when a new record is collected.  

    2. Create separate feature classes for each asset. I would set these layers up to have the same schema as my existing feature classes in my production database. This would make the data transfer a lot easier.   

They each have their pros/cons so I'm looking for thoughts on this or any other possible options. 

Thank you in advance!


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