Auto Populate a related table Field from host Layer?

01-11-2019 01:23 PM
by Anonymous User
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I have an evacuation zone identified on my Map. Prior to authorizing re-entry there will be numerous agencies that need to provide an ok, or at least lower the restriction. My thought is to use a related table in Collector, where by each agency after selecting the Zone they are in, can (field1) identify from a drop down who they are,  (field2) identify recommendation from drop down, (field3) provide notes, (field4) identify next evaluation date/time, (field5) parentguid

So it would look something like this

Fire,       Restrict to Critical Infrastructure,    fire potential still exists,    07/29/18 08:00

LE,          Restrict to Residents Only,             (null),                               (null)

Roads,    No Restrictions,                               all bridges repaired,        (null)

So in the above example the Host Layer would remain PINK based on the highest level of restriction. My dilemma is the number of Zones are often in the 20-30 or more, and I can have over 15 agencies inputting, some multiple times a day.

If I only click the Top Layer I can see the related field, but I would like to have a dashboard with the Related Table List and be able to sort by Zone. Notice the Zone is not on the related table because I need to ensure it is filled out accurately and the incident is very dynamic. Is there anyway to auto fill beyond the related field (GlobalID and Parentguid).

Is there anyway to filter the most recent entry by the layer? so if I had a dashboard and selected Zone 5, only one entry per agency would display by the most recent date?

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