Location based notifications in Collector

08-21-2019 05:05 AM
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I’m trying to setup a map in ArcGIS online to use in Collector.  What I want to achieve is to be able to preload a shapefile with existing polygons that include pre-filled and unfilled fields and to set it up in such a way that a popup or notification is visible to a surveyor when he/she moves to within a certain range of a polygon so that they are notified that an object that they need to review is nearby? 


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I'm also searching for a way to do this, alternatively this could be called proximity notifications or alerting for non compliant features.  It would be easy to have those features in a view layer that could be hit by an application (collector, etc).  This could be done with those non compliant features showing up as assignments in Workforce, but this would make this become more of a dedicated project rather than a spur of the moment notice when any field crews are in the area for other reasons and could improve data holdings. collector arcgis# #arcgis quickcapture

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