Layer Name not Updating in Collector

06-06-2019 01:44 PM
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I have a layer that was originally entitled "Wolf Data" within a map (with other layers) downloaded to Collector Classic. I have changed the layer name within the map, the layer by itself and the service definition all to the new name "Wildlife Trace Data". I have deleted and re added the layer to the map on ArcGIS Online and deleted and re-added the map to Collector. All my edits are shown in Collector (including some field name edits to the Wildlife Trace Data layer) except the name of the layer. It is still showing up as "Wolf Data" in ArcCollector.

I have checked and double and triple checked and basically no where on ArcOnline is the word "Wolf Data" even showing.

Does anyone have any input on how to resolve this issue?

Information that may or may not be helpful:

-We have a Standard licence

-The map is loaded onto multiple iPads (iOS)

-We are using ArcMap 10.3



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