How to reference attribute (rather than static value) in custom URL to open Collector?

06-06-2019 09:18 AM
Occasional Contributor

The documentation for opening Collector via a custom URL to pass URL encoded attribute data, but it only details how to include a static value rather than the value from a given attribute. I'm trying to pass the GlobalID value of the survey to Collector but can't figure out how to do so given the URL encoded syntax.

I have tried doing this via a relationship class (logical), but receive a failed to export when I try to export the survey results to gdb, so was attempting to do so another way. Interestingly, I was able to successfully download the survey to gdb via the Python script referenced in this document, but the parentglobalid was not recorded in my line/poly from the survey despite the relationship class I had defined. Highly frustrating!

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