is there a way to increase the selection senitivity. i have trouble getting the point i am trying to select to highlight

10-28-2015 11:23 AM
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I am looking for a way to select points more easily.

I do not care if I accidently select more than one.

does anyone have a solution to this.

my field staff assume that collector isn't working if they touch a feature and it doesn't get selected.

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This is a large issue we face as well.  Additionally we must use screen protectors that further reduce sensitivity.

My recommend to ESRI would be the ability to draw a box and anything in the box would be selected.

Please solve this frustrating issue ESRI!

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This is a problem for my organization too.  I have noticed that if you use a Feature Server instead of a Map Server version of the point service that the selection process works very well.  The big problem with this is that the point's display scale is off/very small for Feature Server services. 

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