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iOS Collector changes for Real World Aplication.

03-30-2015 09:07 AM
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I have been busy building a real world application with ArcGIS collector and here are some issues that i have found:

1-) When you Cancel a Related Table Edit it takes you to a different view than it does when you Submit it. (the correct behavior is when you Submit)  VERY ANNOYING BUG.

2-) Ability to search any Offline layer any field with freetext from the Search Box. (Tried this from AGOL map settings but it was allowing me to add

only 1 layer with only one field per MAP) 

3-) When you Cancel an edit it should not ask to discard or not if you haven't made any changes.

4-) Never understood what the <> icon means in the layers dropdown list.

5-) The Editing filed Dialog Box :

Should allow to enter multiline text.

Should auto-resize the text field. there is space for that.

Should not cut label of the field if the text is too long (break it into 2 or 3 lines), there is space for that too.

Make an App setting for users who want to automatically accept and close the dialog when selecting an item from domain fields. (no need to make 2 taps)

In general the Edit DIALOG need a lot of work , for real world applications.

6-) While adding an attachment , make the Done link White.

7-) Add the ability, by configuring from the AGOL map , to show or hide edit fields based on selected Feature or Table SubType. To workaround  that we added 34 tables to the geodatabse. (which is not good at all)

8-) On related tables, you are displaying In the UITableView Sections (of the MAIN feature class) the Table Name From the MXD, instead when you enter VIEW you display the name of the Relation that is declared on the Geodatabase.

9-) It is very difficult to drag the Editing Pane out of the map.

Thanks for you patience.

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