iOS collector BUG with Related Tables

03-24-2015 05:55 AM
Occasional Contributor

We found out what seems to be a bug, which is very annoying and kind of show stopper for the user when editing related tables.

Steps to Replicate:

Create a feature class with a related table.

1-) Select a feature in the collector by clicking on the map.

2-) Add a new Related table record using the New option on that selected feature.

3-) The Edit Table Record view shows up.

4-) Select another feature from the map without closing the related table editor.

5-) BUG -> The editor VIEW and the IDENTIFY VIEW gets on top of each other and the user is totally confused on what is displayed there.


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Wow, thanks for finding this - I hope this bug is addressed quickly because it is really easy to replicate (even inadvertently).


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Esri Regular Contributor

I can reproduce your error. Thank you for reporting.  I've entered an issue in for our dev team to look at

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Hi Zhang.

Do you have any estimate on when will the Dev Team fix this ?

We are deploying a collector app next week and we really need this bug to be fixed.

Thanks a lot.

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