Invalid Token Error when Submitting Feature

03-31-2021 12:46 PM
New Contributor II

Hoping for some help on an issue a field tech ran into today when collecting data.

He attempted to submit a collected point and received an error for an invalid token. I assumed it could be resolved by the user logging out and logging back into Collector to establish proper credentials. This worked fine, and he was able to log back in and continue collecting, but in this particular case, it caused an unfortunate loss of data, as he had been attaching pictures that are impossible to recreate.


I'm wondering why his login credentials would expire in the middle of a collection session? Is there a way to extent these token expirations or prevent losing data when my users are in the middle of collecting a feature? 

Some additional helpful info:

- User was editing a connected web map with feature services published from our enterprise geodatabase

- User signs into Collector with ArcGIS enterprise credentials via SAML and our organizations AD.

- Users connect to our data/Portal through a VPN

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