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Incorrect date

05-14-2019 12:41 PM
New Contributor III

I hope this is the last question I have before putting my collector app into real use. I have a date field that automatically fills date and time of collection. For some reason the date is wrong.It enters as 29/121899 with a time of 6:40pm when it is actually today at 2:41 pm. I am sure there is an easy fix for this I just dont know what it is. Thanks to anyone who can help



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Esri Contributor

Hi Alan,

I have a few questions for you.

- Does this issue happen when creating new features, the date is populated automatically with that value?

- Does this only happen in Collector or also in the ArcGIS Online map viewer?

- Was the date field setup to not allow null values? i.e. a required field

- If not, what was done to the date field to have it populate automatically?

Thank you


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