Important limitation in Collector: only 12 results returned by queries

07-21-2021 01:53 PM
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We are in a hurry with this subject, so I will appreaciate a read from ESRI.

We use Collector under iOS since 2015 in a very efficient way to increase the performance of the on-the-spot checks for granting the European Union subsidies for agriculture. It is a notable and important project all over Europe.

So far, so good. Until this year when we recently shifted from Collector Classic to the brand new Collector and now we are also facing with the problem of not being able to control the number of records returned by a search. The new collector only returns 12 results, even if the selection has dozens or hundreds of records. In the forums we read about this limitation and we know that those 12 results are supposed to be the closest to the center of the screen, but this does not solve our problem. Actually, this is a huge problem for us. We understand the decrease of performance of having to deal with hundreds of records, but it is a strong and critical necessity for us. The nature of our data leads to searchs that necessarily include some hundreds of records.

Please, consider the possibility of including in the options of the app one parameter to configure the maximun number of results returned by a query with a number between 12 (your default) to for example 200 or so. Once you have the array populated with the results, the behaviour should be the same as in Collector Classic: I mean... once you press in one result, the app rezooms in the center or envelope of the feature pressed.

This is a critical national project, and we will transfer our proposal officially to you using our professional services support here in Spain, but please consider to rollout an update of the app for iOS as soon as possible.

By the way: rolling back to Collector Classic is not an option because in the last version highly detailed basemaps produce a crash of the app when zooming at the largest levels of the cache (probably because of a bug). TPKs that used to work in previous releases produce crashes with the last version of Classic, which make the use of Classic not feasible. That was one of the reasons that moved us to use the new Collector.

Thanks in advance for your help.

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