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I am having difficulty getting going offline.

06-17-2020 11:45 AM
New Contributor III

I have a simple web map that is offline capable. The operational layers are (Hosted). I am using a TPK for the basemap. The settings in Portal indicate the web map is offline capable. However, offline areas listed in Collector will not proceed past "generating". I get download errors if I attempt to create offline areas on in the App on the iPad.

The error message in the log on Collector is:

6/17/20, 11:05 AM [9DABFAEF-4336-4DA3-A6E7-8227A853B3AF] - Error downloading map: Error Code=500 "Service System/CachingControllers/GPServer not started " UserInfo={NSURL=https://"server address removed by me"/HLHL2019Douglas/MapServer/exportTiles, NSLocalizedDescription=Service System/CachingControllers/GPServer not started , responseJSON={

    error =    {

        code = 500;

        details =        (


        message = "Service System/CachingControllers/GPServer not started ";




I know there is something I am overlooking. People use this app offline all the time.  Any thoughts or help would be appreciated. 

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Go to ArcGIS Server Manager > Services > System and turn on the "CachingControllers" service, if it's turned off.


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