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How to hyperlink to files on device?

10-01-2015 01:58 PM
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I'm using a Galaxy Tab S 10.5, with Lollipop 5.0.2. I have some CAD files that I'd like to hyperlink to that are on the device, and I'd like them to open up with the CAD Pockets app, which has file associations for those types of files (.dwg).

I have a Flex Viewer that I do this with in the office, and it works fine in Windows. I know I have to add a field for the hyperlink data in the feature class and put some kind of hyperlink to the file in there, but I don't know what the path looks like on Android. Is there even a C drive? I have a file manager app and for the file path, it shows a home icon, then a device icon, then storage > extSdCard>manholes. The files are in subfolders in that manholes directory. But what do those icon stand for and is there a root directory?

Anyone doing anything like this or know how to do it? I'd be very grateful.



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No responses yet?

To clarify, I have a field in a feature class. I simply want the user to be able to tap on that field with a file path to open a file associated with that feature. Any info you have would be great!

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iThingy's have the same obscurata issue regarding where files are actually kept.  For example, although I can program in python on the iPad, I can't readily go in a copy a bunch of files, zip them then send them off to the iCloud-y where they become useful.  I didn't realize that Android devices had similar obstructions to those of us that thrived through the DOS years...  (Surface Pro 4 is looking better) Thanks

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