Hosted Feature Layer - List of Values - Adding new value in Field

07-28-2020 08:56 AM
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Good Morning GeoNet Community,

I have a question regarding domains (List of Values) used in a hosted Feature Layer in AGOL. I have a Feature Layer that currently has quite a number of values (Weed Types - for inspection purposes) listed - probably more than I need, however, how are ones dealing with the potential of a new type being required (in offline or online mode, no matter) by the Field Operator?  Currently, I can find no way to put in a non-standard type (non-listed) into the new Polygon that has been defined.  Was hoping that the Field Operator could simply input the boundary (polygon) saving it to any in the list of values then edit the field on the fly (after the save) - but this does not seem to be doable.  (am I wrong??) 

As an alternative, I am thinking I can build a Miscellaneous Feature Type that is free form for the Field Operator to use when they understand a new value is necessary (a bit of heads up on their part to pay attention) and we can reconcile in the office.  

I'm sure someone out there has successfully dealt with this issue.  I am fairly new to the ArcGIS Collector world.

Thank you in advance for your advice and comments.

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