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Forced login to Collector

09-19-2016 01:29 AM
by Anonymous User
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Sometimes you are forced to login to collector (iOS) even tough you have been logged in before. I can´t se the pattern when you need to do it. Many times my colleagues are offline in the field and couldn´t access Internet. I am afraid that Collector will ask for a login when it is not possible to access internet and spoil a planned day of work. We work with AGOL

Could anyone answer the questions below :

- When is a login requiered again?

- Does an update of the App require an additional login?

- Is there a difference between when you have no network, WIFI or Cellular?

- Is there a difference between Corporate Login and directly to AGOL?

- Does an update of iOS require an additional login?

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This was a defining factor for us and how we implemented the use of Collector. If users were using a map that was set for Online functionality and went into areas where they lost cell signal AND the device had gone into a sleep/standby mode then the next time users would try to access the app they had to travel to a location they could re-connect to the cell signal, sign in, then drive back to the area of interest without allowing the app to go into sleep/standby mode. This would then allow them to perform the collection and that collection would get sync'd the next time the device had cell signal again.

Needless to say, this wasn't something we wanted to train/teach 500+ users about and therefore led us to do Offline mode functionality, across the board for everyone, at all times.

From the device stand point I can't 100% confirm that doing an update to the app and/or iOS requires the user to log back into the app but would bet that either of these very well could force users to log in. I can say for sure that in iOS if the user double-taps the Home button and then swipes the Collector app away (forces the app to close out) this will force the user to log in.

Based off you mentioning the drop in signal and using AGOL I would guess the maps were set-up for Online use. So the issue with users having to log back in could be that which I described above with our users. We looked into trying to do some configurations for not allowing the device (iOS) to go to the screen lock (sleep/standby) as this seemed to be the key piece once internet connections were dropped but deemed it not viable for our intentions.