Fields with domains are blank in Collector for ArcGIS (Aurora), but work as expected in Collector Classic

06-20-2019 03:59 PM
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I configured a web map for Collector app data collection. There are two layers (one of point features, one of line features) that each have various fields including the same field "Condition." The condition field is required and has a domain set to trigger a dropdown of 4 options (low, moderate, high, very high). The features are symbolized by condition (low=green, moderate=yellow, high=red, very high=purple), and when you click "+" to add a feature, the choices available are shown by feature type and condition.

I can select a feature, place the point/draw the line, see the feature colored appropriately in the map and enter info in all fields EXCEPT for condition. The condition field is blank, and when I click on it, none of the condition options/dropdowns show up. Since the field is required, yet I can't select a condition in that field, I cannot submit any features. 

This exact workflow was not (and is still not) an issue in Collector Classic. 

Thanks for the help.

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