Feature Request: Continue to Collect Features When Online Mode Drops a Connection

11-17-2014 03:25 PM
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G'day Again

Would be great if Collector kept collecting (and storing features) if a network connection was lost.

The app would keep to use any cached data it had before the network connection was lost.

Not meant to replace Offline Mode, maybe. The app should just keep collecting and send back data when it can.

At the moment if the connection is lost intermittently, you can't do anything.

PS we are looking to use offline mode by default, but then we don't get 'live' updates as the user pans and zooms until they sync.


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If you have a enhancement request, you can post it on the ideas site of Esri. There are several related to Collector:


If your request is not already listed you can add it. After creating the idea, post the link in this thread to gain more support for your idea. Esri is constantly looking at these ideas. And those that have a lot of votes may be included in a next release.

Kind regards, Xander

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