Failed to execute Copy Runtime Geodatabase to File Geodatabase

11-03-2016 02:41 AM
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Hi all. I'm using Collector with Android and came across an problem when using the Copy Runtime Geodatabase to File Geodatabase -tool. I've copied all the folders from my Tablet to Desktop and when trying to use the tool I get

ERROR001730: Could not open the Runtime Geodatabase

Failed to execute (CopyRuntimeGdbToFileGdb)

Please see the attachment.

Obviously I'm doing something wrong, but can get my head around what might be causing this. Can anyone suggest what might be going on?

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The first thing I notice is the uncpath you are using. Have you tried it with the geodatabase file locally? In my experience a slow network drive can cause arcmap to err/crash

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I always get that error with that tool (as my heart sinks--lost field data) unless I have the .geodatabase and output .gdb file on the C:\ drive prior to executing the tool. I have a special folder, C:\failedSyncs\

I thought ESRI was adding a supported USB data dumping method? There sure seems to be a lot of "my device won't sync" posts, always has been.