ESRI Collector Related Table Popup Issues

08-18-2015 12:37 PM
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So I swear this wasn't an issue before but maybe I did not notice or there was an update to collector?  Anyway I have a main table and 5 related tables to collect a main point and then 5 sub points with attachments related back to the main point.  Functionally this works perfect in collector and in AGO with the GID keyed to a GUID in the related tables.  In my related point popups I have it set to display the Main Table OID in the popup title ID: {relationships/1/OBJECTID}.  When I do this, in AGO it displays the popup as expected ID:1 (assuming it references the GID with OID of 1).  But in Collector when I click on the same point it shows ID: Hardware ID: ${relationships/1/OBJECTID}

Any ideas why it displays fine in AGO but not in the collector popup?  I thought it worked prior but I just republished and have this issue now.

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