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Edits to Layers mid-collection in ArcPro

06-14-2022 09:47 AM
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I am in charge of creating a collection map in Field Maps. I've never done any collection map of any kind before. The field workers are currently out working on their collection, with data flowing in throughout the day. I also have a team working on the QC using a WebApp I created for them. There is data that was collected incorrectly and it would be best if I fix that data myself in my ArcPro environment. (running a calculate geometry, to populate missing lat/long fields)

Question - During a project, mid-collection, am I able to pull the live data into my ArcPro environment, make my edits, and then remove the feature? And then those edits stick? No 'locks' created preventing the workers from continuing to collect? The crews are working on the live map, not downloading to work offline.

I should have tested this before starting the field collection, but now I'm nervous to just make these edits mid-collection. 



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