Editable point (feature) layers & Custom Intelligent Data Entry Form with Collector

02-19-2013 07:23 AM
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I am looking into utilizing Collector for ArcGIS to collect data in the field in order to report back to the office (w/Dashboard). I have created a test map on ArcGIS Online with an editable feature service (also created on AGO) and now have a few questions after viewing it on the iOS application.

1) Can the feature (point) layer &/or service be created internally with the ability to be editable within our geodatabase or does this have to be created as a Feature Service on ArcGIS Online and saved there? I need a little further explanation on how this works and could not clearly find it in the documentation.

2) I see a template for Location Tracking under the AGO Create Service, but it didn't seem like that was for Location Tracking (the application settings for my map did not show ability for Tracking). Can you further explain this?

3) Is it possible for me to create my own template where I could configure a custom data entry form? Or is there another way for creating this form?

4) Additionally, is there a way to create a tool within the Collector application for emailing a contact (w/data and photo) when a new point is added from the field?

Thanks for further explanation,
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I believe I have found the correct way to author feature services for publishing on our public server in order to embed into the AGO map. It seems that the customization of the template will create the fields for the data entry form.

Additionally, the Collector application requested login credentials in order to access the map schema link I had created. Does this mean that each Collector user would need ArcGIS Online credentials?

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#1 My understanding is that the Feature Service will need to be hosted online, either through ArcGIS Online or through ArcGIS Server.
#2 I cannot explain the Location Tracking service.
#3 To create a basic service that you can update, I believe you should able to do something as simple as "Add item" in "My Content". The item you're adding could be as simple as a CSV with defined headers. When uploading the CSV you'd need to make sure the "Create a Feature Service" box is checked in the upload form/popup. After that you'd just need to make the Feature Service "Editable" by visiting the Feature Service that was created, clicking "Edit" and then checking the desired edit option (e.g., add/edit/delete, update only, add only).
#4 The email update would be a custom feature that would need to be developed, possible via a custom ArcGIS iOS application .. at least to the best of my knowledge.

Hope that helps a little.
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by Esri Regular Contributor
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Hi Carrie --

For details on adding location tracking in your map, please see Track where collectors went. Let me know if you have questions that aren't covered there.

For the data entry form, that comes from the popup that is part of your map. See Configuring pop-up windows for details on customizing them as you author your map.

Hope this helps,
Esri Education Team
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