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Disable go to current location when map opens

03-11-2014 12:13 PM
Esri Contributor

When you open the map for the first time in Collector it will always take you to your current location.  Is there a way to turn off this functionality or disable the map from doing this?

Here's why I want to do this:

I've set some maps up that I want to demonstrate to some colleagues of how the collection process works.    I want to use one map that I've set up in my current office location to collect and update points that I've already collected.  My colleagues are in different offices around town so when I open the map when I'm at their location I get zoomed to their location and then I need to zoom back (or use a bookmark) to take me to where my data points are located.

Can anyone suggest a way to stop Collector from doing this?

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That would be a nice feature Mike.

One work around that works is to download the area of interest as an offline map and then put your device into AirPlane mode so that it doesn't have the GPS to use geolocation when you open the offline map.

That or just disable location services in the privacy settings and that will turn off the GPS/geolocation.
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