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Creating a in flow map in ArcGis

01-30-2018 05:48 AM
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Is there a way I can create a flow map in ArcGis which shows movement from different point to one example if its an airport a flow map which shows all the traffic for Airport A from Airport B, Airport C, Airport D etc ..

Thank you in advance.

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Esri Contributor

Blog for how to do it within ArcGIS Pro: 

Actual GP toolbox location: 

Blog for how to do it in ArcMap: 

Actual GP toolbox location: 

These toolboxes work the same way.  You can model flow of goods, planes, passengers, money or whatever from one location to many or from many to one.  The quantity of goods are encoded on the "many" features.  The single feature whether it is the source or destination is just starting or ending point.  The tools names the single location the 

Source and the many locations the Destinations but it works either way.

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