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Collector with Trimble Catalyst - Datum problem?

10-01-2020 01:51 AM
New Contributor III

Im hoping someone can verify if I need to modify my collector web map or if it's fine as it is.

I have a Trimble Catalyst with the following GNSS profile:

Frame - ETRF2000(R05) 

Geoid - EGM96 (Global)

I have set up a GNSS profile in Collector as follows:

GNSS Coordinate System - GCS ETRS 1989 (4258)

Map coordinate system - WGS 1984 Web Merc Aux Sphere (3857)

Transformation - ETRS_1989_To_WGS_1984

My collector web map has a basemap in Web Mercator Aux Sphere, but the point file im collecting my GNSS points in is a feature service in British National Grid (OSGB) (27700). Should I have changed my feature service to a web mercator one, or will the coordinates transform correctly into BNG via the Web Maps on-the-fly transformation?

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