Photo attachment mix-ups in Collector

08-23-2019 03:17 PM
by Anonymous User
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I have configured a web map that inspectors use to collect data on a Hosted Feature Service through ArcGIS Collector (Classic), generally in offline mode but not always. There is a point layer with related tables, two of which are the forms that are used to collect data and photos. The app has been working fine up until recently. The inspectors are reporting that photos are getting mixed-up, the wrong photos are appearing in a point's related table. The photos are being added from the photo libraries on their phones, and sometimes they will have the same name, e.g. "Photo4". The photos also come through sometimes as JPEG and others are PNG. 

Has anyone else encountered problems with photo attachments being incorrectly linked? As the team continues to provide more instances of this occurring, it may be easier to drill down to the root cause, or it may just be a bug in ArcGIS Collector (Classic). Any advice is appreciated.

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Hi Hilary,

We have encountered similar behavior with Collector for ArcGIS on Android. I would suggest submitting this to Technical Support for assistance. 


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We have similar issue with tree data collected with photo as attachment. In many many places, the photo attached to the tree is the wrong one. For now, don't have any idea what caused it and how to fix it.


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We also are experiencing the same issue. Using Collector Classic on Android. Haven't had a chance yet to see if using  the beta of the new Collector app leads to the same issue.

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Same issue with the latest Collector app on Android devices.

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We are also having this issue on Collector on Android. It has definitely happened with downloaded maps in areas without service but we are not sure if it that is the cause.

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I have also had this issue on multiple devices. I have not found a solution, but have taken a lot more care to double-check my photo attachments before syncing my data. 

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Has anyone determined a root cause to this or had a bug assigned through technical support? 

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Conducting a Utility Pole Survey and the Field Crews are reporting the same issue with pictures attached to the wrong location. We thought it might have to do with Snapping in the latest version of Collector. We are using iOS and Android devices with external GPS units. It looks to be an intermittent problem, but a very serious issue.

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We are actively investigating this issue but are finding it difficult to reproduce. I encourage those who are experiencing this issue to reach out to Technical Support and explain what you are experiencing. If details surrounding the workflow and the data being used can be provided that would be extremely helpful in continuing to troubleshoot this. There is an existing BUG that you can be attached to.