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Collector with RTK Data Logging

02-16-2017 03:33 PM
New Contributor II

I ordered an EOS Arrow Gold  - How does Collector handle the Elevation data from the GPS reciever -  i know I can enter Antenna height but what does that do for me? Do I need to create an attribute myself and toggle between the GPS app and Collector to log the elevation or is this more streamlined.

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Esri Contributor

Hi Alan,

Firstly, in order to automatically capture and store height information as well as other GPS information, you will need to configure the GNSS Metadata attribute fields on your point layer, namely the Altitude field - Configure GPS metadata storage—Collector for ArcGIS | ArcGIS 

Secondly, in general the altitude values that Collector stores in the metadata represents the Height Above Ellipsoid (HAE) and not Mean Sea Level (MSL). The antenna height value you enter for the receiver, will be subtracted from the incoming altitude value in order to be more accurate to ground level.

Thank you.


New Contributor II

Kevin - thanks the quick information on this. All seems straight forward. 

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New Contributor III

Hi Kevin,

I'm a little late to the party, but if you haven't found it already check out this article on recording Orthometric heights in Collector using the Arrow Gold.  As far as I know EOS is the only one that does this. 

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