Collector with local basemap and secured service

09-16-2014 08:28 AM
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Don't know if I'm trying a workflow that isn't supported but I have copied a .tpk over to an android tablet to use as a basemap. I have a feature service that has ags security turned on mainly for editor tracking purposes. My crew chiefs don't want to take the application offline but love the responsiveness and speed of the basemap when it is stored on the device. The problem we're seeing is that when we switch to the local basemap the secured features turn themselves off and can't be turned back on. When I set the service to open this doesn't happen but the user name gets recorded as Esri_anonymous in the editor field. This isn't a showstopper but would be really  nice to know if this can be done, local basemap, online secured service. Thanks for any input.

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Did you ever sort this out Jacob? We're having the same problem.

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