Collector using default Profile to State Plane

04-13-2020 01:17 PM
by Anonymous User
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I'm a bit confused about whats going on in Collector using the integrated GPS. We've used Collector with a Trimble R2 with VRS and have the Profile setup to use the WGS1984 Basemap and transform to State Plane (2011 PA South). To get corrected z values I would then follow instructions listed in this post: Is it possible to collect accurate Z coordinate values with Collector and Trimble R2? 

Worked great. But I was asked if data collected form just an integrated GPS on a phone could be used to get rough locations and elevations. This was of course after the data was already collected using an Android device and now we need to see if this data is usable.

Since no transformation was specified, am I correct that the location data in the State Plane feature service is actually just recorded as WGS1984? So I could transform it, but instead of using the default input coordinate system, specify that it is actually WGS1984?

Also is the z coordinate collected in NAVD88 by default? So I can transform using the above instructions again to get MSL?

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