Collector sync error when using PG_GEOMETRY

08-31-2017 12:19 PM
New Contributor III

We've been getting a generic "Sync Error" message when trying to sync edits to an archive enabled table that uses PG_GEOMETRY. If you ignore the error, the edits seem to make it back into the table successfully but Collector still shows there as being edits in the map to sync. Seems to only be a bug with archive enabled feature classes, as we don't get the same error with versioned data using PG_GEOMETRY (NIM102072 and NIM102073 I think). Does anyone at Esri know when this might be fixed? We'd really like to be able to use pg_geom but this issue with Collector is holding us back.

We're using ArcGIS Server 10.3.1 on Windows and PostgreSQL 9.3 with PostGIS 2.1 on Linux.


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