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Collector Supported Windows Versions

08-17-2015 05:35 AM
Occasional Contributor II

Hi.  While (im)patiently waiting for Collector for Windows, I have been asked whether or not Windows 8.1 will be supported.  My readings indicate that it will likely only run in Windows 10, but I cannot find a definitive answer anywhere.  Does anyone know for sure what will be supported in the Windows version?


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Occasional Contributor III

Hello Mary. I have no documentation to link to, but here is what esri said at the User Conference: It will run on Windows 10, and not on any previous versions of Windows.

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Esri Regular Contributor

Hello Mary,

Collector for Windows is designed for Windows 10. it allows the code to be written once and then run across multiple devices. It should be available in Q4. Esri has been actively testing against the BETA of Windows 10 and now it has been released are finalising the software. In addition Collector will be delivered as a Windows 10 App availble from the windows store when it is released.



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