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Collector stops streaming/stops data collection when screen times out or phone is locked

08-31-2018 12:47 PM
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When mapping a new polygon feature in Collector, as soon as the screen times out on it's own, or is "locked", the streaming/mapping stops. When the phone is unlocked again, Collector simply connects the last known location to the current location with a straight line. However, the interim is a more complicated geometry than a straight line. The phone needs to be in a locked mode because it is placed into a pocket so that the field user can safely traverse rough terrain. Sometimes mapping a feature can take close to 2 hours. The user needs to be able stream the location in the background for the whole duration. 

This is using a Motorola Z Force with the most current updates. Other Motorola phones, Samsung phones, and i Phones don't have this issue. Other users in the same organization do not have this issue either, so it doesn't appear to be a web map/content issue. We have checked the phone settings and the setting allows Collector to be used in the background. 

Are there other permissions that we are not aware of that need to be changed on the phone? I have searched Geonet, forums, etc, and haven't found any mention of this issue, besides for Windows phones. Also, if this should be posted elsewhere, my apologies. 


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by Anonymous User
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I am having the exact same issue with a Motorola Moto G6.  

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It looks like I am having a similar issue with iPhone6 and the new Collector App. Streaming lines works great with the app opened, but if I close my screen, the app has to reload and no lines were saved. Jeff Shaner‌ is this a known issue or something I should report? 

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Esri Regular Contributor

Samantha/Matt, can you check if your Android device is Android 8 or higher? if it is Android 8, we have a known issue about background streaming. We will address the issue at new generation of Collector. Currently it is at beta. 

Paul, about the issue at iOS, this will be a new issue. I did a quick check with iPhone 7 plus with iOS 12.3. I don't see the issue. You should report it. 

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by Anonymous User
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I'm currently running Android 9... But my phone might have updated recently. I bought the Moto g6 in August 2018. Let me know if I can do anything else to help.


Matt Diskin

Forestry Technician

Pisgah National Forest

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I am using an active2 Samsung tablet with Android 9 operating system. I am also finding that unless the screen is unlocked, streaming does not work. At first I thought it was tied to the accuracy requirements, but that doesn't seem to be the case. 

There have been times when using in a vehicle where it WILL stream when the screen is locked.  I can't duplicate that with any consistency.  


Marquette,  MI

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