Collector Side Panel and Editing Disabled

11-12-2019 06:34 AM
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I have a collector (iOS v19.1) app configured with a layer that has both attachments and related tables.  The workflow consists of identifying 'power supply' points, taking a photo and adding some attribution.  Power Supply point is related to a 'cabinet' table which is then further related to a 'devices' table.  This configuration works fine and provides all necessary functionality - it works as it should.  I collect the point and submit it.  Once it appears in Collector I click on it to gain access via the side pane to related content which I then populate.  The problem I'm encountering is when I turn on editor tracking. I can still add my point to the map but when I click on it I get side panel appears and as a result I do not have the ability to edit my point or related tables.  If I turn editor track off everything goes to working as it should.  The editor tracking in combination with either attachments and related tables or perhaps the combination of the two seems to be the culprit.  PS the layer has some 'advanced' arcade language on it too if that matters...Thoughts?

Any help is appreciated.


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