Collector "freeze" when switching between offline areas

10-01-2019 10:35 AM
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I'm not sure when this started happening because I'm sure it wasn't like this in the past, but I'm on Collector for iOS 19.1.0 build 2666 and either iOS 12.3.1 or iOS 12.4.1 and when I switch between two maps that each have an offline area, the app freezes completely and then crashes.  The different caches could be for the same map or for different maps. Could be in the same group or different groups.

Can anyone else reproduce this?

1. Create an offline area for a map

2. Create an offline area either against the same map or a different map.

3. Open the first offline area

4. Navigate to the second area and open the second offline area.

5. Navigate back to and open the first offline area

6. Map freezes, can't pan or draw features.  The buttons like sync and layers and even search work, but then...

7. After a couple minutes, the app just dies and when you reopen, it works fine to open one single map cache

8. If you force-quit the app while it's frozen and restart, it works to open either (but, not both) cache.

9. If you turn on developer logging, nothing is logged as an error.

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