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Collector on Windows 10 Missing Some Functionality

02-17-2020 06:42 AM
Occasional Contributor

We are using Collector on a tablet running Windows 10. We've noticed there is not a compass or direction button/tab available. When looking at this same webmap via iOS, the compass and direction options are there.

Is there something we need to set in the Windows 10 version to enable these options?

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Esri Regular Contributor

Hi Terry,

The iOS version of Collector has additional functionality that is not present in the Windows version. In fact, the Windows version of Collector is fairly outdated in comparison. We are currently not developing Collector on the Windows platform due to lack of demand and available resources. We'd love to hear from you on your needs for Windows support. Can you please email and provide us with some details about your organization, your Windows devices and workflows for use with Collector? That will help us in building priority to continue development on the Windows platform.



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Occasional Contributor

This is disappointing as Esri claims to have a product to run on a specific platform and there is specific, core functionality that I would expect to be consistent across all platforms.

I'll send an email to with more details about how we hoped to use Collector on Windows 10.

I do appreciate you getting back to me and the honesty of your response.

Esri Regular Contributor

Thank you Terry, Andrew and Chris. We will make sure to provide updates on status as we move forward.

With Collector on the iOS and Android platforms, we just went through a major product rebuild (somewhat analogous to going from ArcMap to ArcGIS Pro). In total, it was approximately 2 years in the making. 

Explorer on Windows gives us a leg up as it has a new UX and is built on the latest ArcGIS Runtime SDKs but rebuilding the data collection experience is not a trivial task. It will take considerable time to build.

It would be great to get a sense of the priorities you all have on editing functionality as well? What collection workflows are most important to you? Editing of feature attributes? High accuracy GPS-based data collection? I'd like to have as many data points and details as you can provide. Thank you for the feedback.

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Occasional Contributor II

I also hope you continue to develop Collector for Windows 10.  I use it frequently with my Trimble T10 tablet.

New Contributor III

Count me in for having Collector and other field apps for Windows 10.  I prefer Windows rugged devices in the field.

Some can double as an office desktop, thus requiring just one device per user. IT prefers one device per user.

New Contributor II

We also count on Collector for Windows tablets. Windows support was one of our main reasons why we decided for ArcGIS Collector as our main field collection system. We have understanding that the development needs some time. But no understanding for no longer supporting Windows. 

Thanks, Christian

New Contributor

Hi Esri, really sad to hear that your not developing collector for windows! Since working with collector on windows tablets we have been waiting for the updated version (at least comparable to iOS/Android state of the art). We spent a lot of time evaluating a good rugged tablet's for fieldwork. We just recently got the new dell rugged 7220 tablet with win10 pro. I wonder with what android / ios tablets all the other useres who work outdoor (I assume much larger usergroup, otherwise there wouldnt be lack of demand) are working in the field, especially when you consider dirt, battery life, state of the art OS, camera and gps and lte...

Functionality: at least like the new android-Version, that would be a major improvement, apart from that (which I guess is a must have of the new windows version) is "High accuracy GPS-based data collection".

We recently tried survey123 for some specific fieldwork. Would be nice if the two apps survey123 and collector would morph into one single new app, with the main outstandig features form survey123 (collecting and editing attributes, audio input) and collector (editing geometry) in one single app!

I'll send an email to with more details about Collector on Windows 10.

I would be interested in your expierence with android hardware comparable to a new dell rugged tablet.

Thanks, Ivo

New Contributor III

Bummer. I really need to use the screen size and functionality of a Windows 10 tablet with decent GNSS location accuracy (like a Trimble T10), to collect features for our ArcGIS enterprise geodatabase, and support two-deep relationship classes of tables related to the features we collect. Ironically, with this impasse, we continue to collect using ArcPad on Windows 7 tablets - which works great but software and hardware are mighty long-in-the-tooth.

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