Can I turn off points/lines automatically moving to my GPS location when I edit them?

11-05-2020 09:16 AM
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I have multiple data collectors in the field that routinely need to update attribute information in a point layer, and sometimes when they edit the point it automatically moves the point to the GPS location of their device. These points are placed intentionally in the office and should not move in the field, but we do sometimes need to make office edits so disabling the ability to edit geometry in the ArcGIS Online layer settings also isn't a convenient option.

Likewise, sometimes when a data collector edits a line segment, it automatically adds a vertex to the line where their GPS location is.

Is there a way to turn off automatic location updates in Collector without having to disable geometry editing for all users?


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Currently Collector app is optimized for field worker use. For your scenario, you can consider disable location service while doing office editing. 

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We have this issue coming from the huge Update Point button in the center of the page.  I keep asking for them to change this or be able to turn it off but no.  Crazy design choice really.  At least call it Update location or something.

For us we have 2 layers - one field and one main so we make 2 maps and then can turn off all editing for one of them in the web map.  It would be really nice if we could turn off moves by layer or in the map but this is a service wide setting for some odd reason.

For now what we do is disable geometry editing.  To move a point we append in a new one (or copy it) and delete the old one.  Not great but it may help you.

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