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Collector not opening maps on Android OS

01-04-2019 08:26 AM
New Contributor III

Trying to access data collection maps on my Samsung Galaxy Note9 and this error message keeps popping up. Any suggestions for a work around? I have a team of people being deployed next week that are supposed to use the app for field collection and some have Android OS. However, the map can be view on iOS.

collector;‌Android8.1.0 androidos‌ 

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Hi Caitlin,

Due to the time constraint you have, it may be best to log a ticket with Esri Support. We will be able to assist you from there. It may be best to include the following information when submitting the ticket:

- Are you using Hosted Feature Services in ArcGIS Online or Portal?

- If not using hosted feature services, which version of ArcGIS Server are you using?

- If you add the data to another web map, do you have the same error in Collector for ArcGIS on Android?

- Do all android devices show this issue?

- Is this error only when opening the map online or are you having the issue after the map is downloaded?

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Hi Dan, 

I'm waiting on a response to submit a ticket. I copied the original map and took any service layers and Portal layers off so that the map could be downloadable, but it still comes up with the same error message. This error is occurring on multiple android phones. And the error is popping up right when I try to open the map.

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