Collector Map Cannot Zoom Out Past ~Neighborhood Scale - IOS

08-18-2020 11:22 AM
New Contributor II

I have a map that I am utilizing online in collector (online) that does not permit me to zoom out past the neighborhood scale (approximately.. no scale bar to confirm). I do not know a great way to display this issue, but I can zoom in to a pretty fine scale and back out to this original neighborhood scale, just not out any further. I tested it on Android and did not have the same issue. I have not found any documentation of this bug, and no other maps of mine experience this issue. 

The map is rather complex and is not enabled for offline use, but it is a fire map that is useful in the field where we have reception and I would like to have it available if possible. I do have multiple basemaps enabled that turn on at different scales. However, the one that shows initially is enabled at a minimum zoom of world.

Open to any troubleshooting ideas. 

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