Collector integration with other apps: Use of variables

04-07-2020 02:54 AM
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Hi all,

I would like to start collector from another application using URL.

I know how to start collector using a specific web map and searching for a specific feature using URL (for example:

But I need to start Collector with the overview of web maps first. Then I want to choose a web map and open this one to capture a new feature with a given individual ID (ID will be transferred by the other application).

Do you have an idea if this is possible in Collector and how?

I look forward to any answer - thanks!!


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Hi Katharina,

The links are processed all at once so it would not be possible to go to the map browse screen first, select a map, then continue with further parameters in the link (like search). The only exception to this is with sign in. If you are not currently signed in, it takes you to the sign in screen and after credentials are entered it proceeds with the rest of the URL parameters. 

You can populate attributes to a specified layer in a certain map. You may already be aware of this, but here is more info on the available parameters in Collector today



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