Collector- hosted view with date filter not displaying

05-21-2020 08:32 AM
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I have 2 hosted views of the same ArcGIS Online hosted feature layer. One view is marked as editable and has a filter for CreationDate in the last 1 week. The second view has editing turned off and has a filter for CreationDate NOT in the last 1 week.

When I add these hosted views to an AGOL map, they appear fine, with the 1 week filtered version being editable, the other not.  When I load the map into Collector (iOS, latest release), Only the editable 1 week filter view shows on the map. They BOTH appear in the legend and layer list, but only one is in the map.

Is this a bug, or am I doing something wrong/impossible?

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I am seeing something similar.  I have a view layer created from joining a related table to the primary features.  I filter the result by date in two separate layers; One for within the last 1 year(s) and one for not within the last 1 year(s).  The both display in the web map but only the former appears in the mobile maps either in collector or field maps.

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