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Collector for android is missing the decimal point on the keyboard for double fields

06-25-2020 10:19 AM
New Contributor II

I have a few double precision fields in my webmap and I have configured the popup in the webmap for 2 decimal places. In Collector on android devices, the keypad that pops up while filling in the double attribute fields does not have a decimal point, so it is not useful. The problem did not exist in the Classic Collector app. Is there another way to set up the desired keypad in Collector? Do I need to switch back to Classic Collector app? There was another question about this topic during beta testing, but there was no answer there: 

Thanks, Travis

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Esri Regular Contributor

Posted an answer/workaround in response to a similar question hereCollector 20.2 for Android Tablet Missing Decimal Point  

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