ArcGIS Collector High Accuracy GPS Connectivity Issues

07-01-2020 07:42 AM
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I am currently trying to test ArcGIS Collector using my High Accuracy Trimble R2. Following the same connection steps as if I'm using Collector Classic, Trimble GNSS Status is set as my mock location, GNSS Status connects to the receiver, and I have set the Trimble R2 as my location provider inside of ArcGIS Collector. ArcGIS Collector will not allow me to connect to my GPS receiver though, and after seeing "acquiring GPS location" it changes to "GPS location not available". With the mock location service active as Trimble GNSS Status, using the "Integrated Receiver" inside of ArcGIS Collector shows the accuracy numbers of my Trimble R2. However, because it is using "Integrated Receiver", it does not collect any of the GNSS metadata fields that we have in our feature class. Has anyone else had any experience with this? Is this a known issue already? I appreciate any feedback that can be provided on this. I know there were issues when Collector Classic was first released as Collector for ArcGIS. We were one of the BETA testers that found quite a few issues, and even presented at the ESRI Water Conference on the issue, but this does not seem to be anything that we had issues with in the last application. Using all of the settings/connections above, Collector Classic allows me to use the Trimble R2 as a high accuracy receiver while also collecting the GNSS metadata fields.

Here are the specifics on what applications we are using. 

Device: Galaxy XCover Pro

OS: Android 10

ArcGIS Collector Version: 20.2.1

Collector Classic Version: 18.0.3

Trimble GNSS Status Version:

Thank you,

Boston Snyder

City of Elkhart, IN

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Boston Snyder‌ for ArcGIS Collector you'll need to use Trimble Mobile Manager instead of GNSS Direct.  

Here's the documentation that states the requirements you'll need: Prepare for high-accuracy data collection—Collector for ArcGIS | Documentation 

Trimble R1, R2, R8s, R10, R10 Model 2, R12, Catalyst, TDC100, TDC150, TDC600, and Nomad 5
You must use Trimble Mobile Manager to configure your receiver. Do not use the Trimble GNSS Status app.

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Thanks Doug! 

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