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Collector / Field Maps sync fails if user has edited a related table.

05-18-2021 05:44 AM
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Good morning,


I'm having issues syncing an offline map in both Collector (20.2.2) and Field Maps (21.1.0) on a Samsung Galaxy SM-T540 running Android 10. The map is configured with related tables so users can document each inspection on a point feature. The map is configured for offline mode with sync enabled and all layers that feed into the map have sync enabled as well. 


If the user makes any edit BESIDES editing an existing related table record, like updating point geometries, updating point attributes, or creating a new related table record, Collector and Field Maps sync fine. However, if a single edit is made to an existing related table record, the sync fails and the error log simply reads "Feature tiling disabled." I have tested this over multiple devices and narrowed it down to the editing of existing related table records only. This issue appears to be Android specific because I was able to edit an existing related table record and sync fine with an iPhone XR with Field Maps iOS 21.1.1 build 396. 


I have resorted to manually syncing the data by copying over the mobile runtime geodatabase into Pro and syncing that way. However, even when I sync the data manually on the desktop, a sync error is given and the related table record edits do not sync. While I am attempting to resolve this error I have asked the users to simply create a new related table record each time instead of editing older records. This is more in line with the desired workflow anyways, but sometimes they forget in the field and one record edit makes the entire sync fail. 


Has anyone here encountered the "Feature tiling disabled" error and if so, what helped you resolve it?


Thanks for any help you can offer!


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Hi @DominicMarcanio ,

May I ask a couple of questions about your environment and workflow:

  • Are we accessing the web map over ArcGIS Online or ArcGIS Enterprise Portal? (if Portal, what version?)
  • How did we create the feature layer with related table? For example:
    • Publish a feature class from ArcGIS Pro with a table and relationship class?
    • Create a feature layer in the web portal and enable attachments?
  • Were the offline areas pre-packaged in the portal or created manually on the mobile device?
  • Have we ran updates on the offline areas or attempted re-creating them?
  • Was any of the following configured for this layer/table prior to publishing, OR, did we configure any of the following in the web map:
    • definition queries
    • custom symbology
    • labelling
    • custom pop-ups

Anything else you can tell me about how this web map was created would be great to know.

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Thanks for following up. To answer your questions:

  • Accessing the map via ArcGIS Online
  • Published the feature class from ArcGIS Pro with a tables and relationship classes
  • Offline areas were downloaded on each device but tile packages were used for underlying imagery
  • I had tried re-creating the offline areas with no luck
  • Prior to publishing I had some symbology originally based on ArcMap symbols and just a basic label of the feature IDs with a halo symbol. Otherwise, no definition queries or custom pop-ups.

I ended up having to remove the related tables from the map altogether, because the issue became worse such that users were not able to sync at all, even after performing edits that would sync before like updating point locations. After removing the related tables from the map, users were able to sync again. After digging into the issue, I think there may have been a problem with my global ID to GUID relationship and that’s about as far as I got with the problem. I just found it confusing that the syncing would work at first and then it seemed to just stop working. Either way, this is no longer an urgent issue for our folks and we've just learned to get by without the related table functionality. 

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