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Added new fields with default domain values

04-26-2021 02:16 PM
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I have a feature class with multiple fields with default domain values.  On April 14th, I added 2 new fields with default domain values also. As you can see from the table below starting on April 16th, all the data collected does not have any default value.

I've republished the service and recreated the collector map without any success. In Pro and ArcMap when a create a new feature all the default values appear. Any idea what might be happening?

At this point, I don't really care about the Yes/No fields that default to No. However, I have 3 fields that have different choices and the defaults make collecting the data much easier in the field.


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I usually set default values via setting in 'Manage Templates' option in ArcGIS Pro. 

Manage Templates are under Edit Tab -> Features. Look in the screenshots below for the following steps.

Once the default value is set, the service needs to  be republished to see the change.

Hope this helps!


Manage TemplateManage TemplateSetup Default valueSetup Default value

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Hi Lidia,

Thanks for the suggestion. The defaults were already in the template properties, since they were set from the Feature Layer > Data > Fields windowCollector default fields.png

I still went ahead and reselected them on the template properties window, republished the service, reloaded the map in Collector.

It didn't work but I really appreciate your suggestion 😊

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We are having this same issue with the default values in Collector, have you been able to find a solution?

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No. My solution was to write a python script that sets the default values. The script runs daily in task scheduler at the end of the day.

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