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Collector fails to download when screen turns off

08-12-2019 08:01 AM
New Contributor II

When the screen on my tablet turns off (just the screen, not the whole tablet) while I'm downloading offline data, it gets "stuck". The map download will not complete.

Collector indicates that the download is complete, but there's still a "download in progress" icon in the action bar, and when I click on the map, it says that the map failed to download. When I try to delete the saved map (by going to "Manage" and deleting it), Collector crashes. It doesn't give me an error message, it just says "Collector has stopped". I tried logging out of my account, and also uninstalling/reinstalling the app, and it still happens. There's no way to delete this seemingly-corrupted data once it's downloaded incorrectly.

I set my tablet so that the screen never turns off unless I turn it off myself, but I can't do anything with this map now because I can't get the corrupted data off of it.

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